Cycle of Decay

by Crimson Slaughter

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released May 10, 2016



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Crimson Slaughter Madrid, Spain

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Track Name: Endless War
Cities fall in ruins.
Napalm burns the sky.
Earth screams in vain
as troops of Hell arise.

Demons have reborn.
Evil takes command.
Corpses pile up torn
in all over the land.

Through the Seven Gates
Black Kingdom's knights ride.
Mortals try to escape
and leave their souls to sky.

There's no price to pay.
There's no lie to hide.
Your soul entrusts to Hell
as the Horsemen ride.

War machines prepare
the nuclear warfare.
Soon we'll laid to rest
and now our time is spent.

Endless war.
Praise of Hell
Stan claims his throne.
Hell on Earth.

Underworld arrives.
Heaven falls from sky.
Blood waves flowing high.
Now reigns The Antichrist.

Bullets flying free.
Artillery roars high.
Death rises from the depths
when Life tries to survive.

Tanks destroy the world.
Reckoning is roaring near.
Satan bears the sword
to drown this world in fear.

Through the burning flames
the Army of Hades proceeds
to spread the plague of Death
over bloody battlefields.

There's no God to pray,
entombed is how he lies.
Your savior is nailed in cross,
where fallen angels cry.

Gears of pain commence
the beginning of the end.
Soon we'll laid to rest
and now our time is spent.

Scorned hopeless remains
of a world consumed by flames.
Gates of Hell awaits
your soul, which Satan claims.

Biohazard plague
sweeps all life from Earth.
Soon we'll laid to rest
and now our time is spent.
Track Name: Buried Beneath the State
Living the routine
trapped in everyday grind of shit.
Rotting in a concrete cell
the welfare state is going to hell.

Slowly we drown in taxations.
Unemployment: Mass extermination.
Working too hard takes to survive.
This Fucking shit is more than meets the eye.

Escape from the cell
where your life is spent.
Run away from rat trap
and fight for your rights.

Buried beneath the state
built upon the waste.

Watch the money flow
as corporations rise around the world.
Obliteration, gears of hate
are pulling down the strings of your fate.

The System has failed, crumbling on population
to eradicate the frontiers of domination.
Keeping you tied since the day you were born.
Rotten nations, democracy is gone.

Break the slavery chains
which are severing your aims.
Rise against the tyrant state
and let explode your killer hate.

Scavengers of human sorrow
feed their greed with your disgrace.
Here's the order of tomorrow...
the world we know will suffer a change.

Darker days ahead will burn
the values which we fighter for.
Freedom of speech are words
your children will never know.
Track Name: Dead Walk Again
Awaken from the grave
the morbid slaves
escape from Hell
revived by blood smell.

No escape...

Dead walk again, you know what it means.
Deadman is hungry, his corpse you will feed.
Grave will be your eternal cell.
Your final will is survive to the rest.
Track Name: Bred to Obey
Bred to obey being fueled by a demagogue machine
that feeds you everyday with a brainless consumerism.
Watch the social patterns that they want you to be
and live your entire life through the TV' screen.

Day by day you're being enslaved by believe the news,
becoming into another victim of conformist views.
The Great Machine keeps rolling in his tyrant ruthless reign,
powered by the juggernaut of the System's chain.

Don't you realize
that we live consumed by lies?
Be born uncritically
means no chance to be free.

Bred to obey.
Born to be a slave.
Bred to obey.
Think for yourself.

Bred to obey being fueled by a demagogue machine
that infests your helpless mind until deny individualism.
Watch your rights go away in selfish hands of politics
and feel how the grip tightens as you feed their growing greed.

One by one all nations fall under banking siege,
chosen one of Money God who increases social breach.
The mass hypnosis thrives just behind the smoke screen,
hidden between legends of conspiracy' scene.

Don't you realize
that they rape all of our rights?
You're only a faceless vote
of all those that raise their throne.

Don't you realize
that we roam in a serfdom hive?
Must fight is you want a change
or our kids will see those days again.
Track Name: Wretch God
(Our Father)

Nobody knows
in how much pain I've lived.
He took my soul
and something that I used to be.

He raped a helpless child.
He fucked me deep inside.
And now my hate is blind.
You will pay for your crimes.

Father, just above,
the servant of the Wretch God.
Father, in sin you dwell.
Your soul will rot in Hell.

Father, can't you hear?
Damnation is roaring near...
Father, pray for you.
My knife will judge you too.

Nobody knows
how much fear I've felt.
Trapped in my own,
I wish to end this pain...

But now my fate is clear.
I've have spilled too many tears.
Day of reckoning is near.
I will have no more fear.

Then I ripped his soul.

Upright on the altar
I spilled pedophile's blood.
An offering to Satan
in a goblet full of gore.

Hell came for his corpse.

Red lights burned the church floor
as flames flew against the cross.
Infernal chains drilled his heel's flesh
to drag him into fiery moat.
Track Name: Battlefields
Young soldiers come to battle,
all them prepared to kill;
but their bodies quickly hit the ground,
to feed this battlefields.

Who ordered you to go?
Who sent you to the fight?
The same who has stolen your rights
and sentenced you to die.

Wars of greed.
Power monopoly.

False truth testify this war,
you kill for government's greed.
And now your hands are stained with blood,
blood of a bloody sin.

Wars of fuel has already come
bearing wings of misery.
Murders turns in allowed point
to get more gasoline.

You must seek the truth
and read between the lines,
'cause rotten brains and blinded eyes
cannot see through the selfish lie.
Track Name: Kill or be Killed
Enslaved and separated from your lands.
Drifted away, for your home there's no turn back.
All alone, now Gladiator is your name.
The deadly sand will taste your blood today.

Kill without remorse,
spilling the blood
of your opponent
that turns into corpse.
Scream to the sky
as your victim dies
feeling the icy
hands of the (Kill).

Kill or be killed.
Feel their blood
flowing down your
choleric sword.
Take their lives,
there's no choice.
Death is all that want
the viewer's voice.

Thrown into the corner of your cell.
Trapped inside this frozen burning hell.
Bloodlust of beholders satisfied,
shredded flesh is all that left behind.

Crush the armored head,
scattering the brain
of your opponent;
of life, totally drained.
Frenzy in your eyes.
Slaughter in sight.
Tasting the madness
unleashed by the (Fight).

Revenge spreads
the wish to fight,
feeding the hope
of a vengeance satisfied.

Pick up your sword.
You hold your life.
The time has come...
The uprising will arise.

Blinded by hate,
your wrath unleashed
decides the fate
of who has fell to your knees.

Entrust to Hell
the roman blood.
Until your death
terror they will know.
Track Name: My fist, your Face
Don't tread on me, fucking poser,
I'm higher in the food chain.
If you really want to be a loser
now is your lucky day.

Get out of my way or I will pass through you!
I've better things to do...
Think before speak, 'cause I won't repeat:
You can't stop my bloody frenzy.

Fucking asshole,
I will break your legs.
Delivery is coming...
your fucking disgrace!

My fist, your face!

I really hate people like you.
Hypocrisy is your name.
Who you think you are, What I suppose to do?
I'm much better than you.

Stop cry and shout, close your coward mouth!
You're an easy target for laughs.
Flying so high, you don't realize
that you belongs to a lower size.
Track Name: Punisher
The bullets are flying from my ruthless gun,
tearing to shreds under a boiling sun.
The crushed heads spit their smashed brains
when my baseball bat leave their skulls drained.

Hungry for blood, i savor the night.
Seeking new victims to be satisfied.
The city scum will taste my law-bringer steel.
I will punish their sins, I'm prepared to kill.

Caught inside my war
you cannot hide or run.
Face your final fate,
soon you will feed the worms.

Fear my name.
I'm Punisher!
Born of hate...

When I'm spitting death from my shotgun twelve gauge
the shrapnel embeds in your shattered face.
My relentless knife will cut your throat.
I'm gonna strangle you using a fucking rope.

Nobody knows what's happening
when I'm delivering chaos with my M-16.
I will never rest until I hunt my prey.
I'm gonna shove your nose across your fucking brain.

Down the war I've born
the streets will spit your bones.
Taste the touch of steel.
Despair will be your home.

Hidden between shadows
stalking criminals in dark,
patiently awaiting to
unleash my deadly wrath.

Young blood is spilled
as girls' cries rend the night.
Desperate echoes running through
a stabbed 'til death spine.

Crouched beside the body
I hear her last breath of life.
Death of innocence brought tears
to her shine-less eyes.

Now my gun claims blood,
that inside my pocket burns.
The bastard now must die
and the manhunt has begun.

My butcher knife is the last you'll see
when I'm be cutting your body, limb from limb.
I'll correct the errors of the corrupted law.
Justice was bribed, now judges my saw.

If you're a victim of a heinous crime
and justice your revenge has not satisfied,
just pray for your soul when night rises dark
and leave the dirty job in my hands.

Here in my own front
there will be no remorse,
no more shades of grey,
no right or wrong, just blood.