by Crimson Slaughter

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New single from our new upcoming album


Be born in third world
means misery and scorn.
Can’t you see
their endless suffering?

arrogance and greed,
make us look
to other side

oblivious to
our deserved guilt
for supporting
white supremacy

and wars plague
which drowns the continent
in its own
blood and pain.

Living consumed by fear.
Constant certainty that end is near.
Sentenced to wither away,
born to rot, become an oblivion’s prey…

The screams from a decaying world
cannot be heard by using your new smartphone
or tears spilled by a thousand dying eyes
can’t testify the atrocity in coltan mines?

By living your life appropriately
you’re supporting their misery.
Must look inside your stony heart
and try to reverse the dystopia.

Even now exist crimes
against human rights,
but under flag
of the greatest marks.

blinded eyes to see
convenient truth
to consumerism.

Barren lands,
blood irrigated sand,
moors governed
by scavenger’s command…

But doesn’t care
“well, they’re already dead”
Don’t deserve our
time to spend.

Pharmaceuticals test
their experimental vaccines
by using innocent natives
as human guinea pigs.

Diamonds in wedding rings,
the purest symbol of eternity.
But were extracted in forced labor mines,
where vultures corpses eat.


released May 2, 2017



all rights reserved


Crimson Slaughter Madrid, Spain

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